Exploring the looping intersection of coffee, beer, and coffeebeer. Sketchnotes from Good Beer Hunting’s latest “Uppers & Downers” event where the coffee-folks at Intelligentsia collaborated with the beer folks at Solemn Oath to explore the different ways coffee and beer can collide.

Sketchnotes from Good Beer Hunting’s latest “Uppers & Downers” event. Michael Kiser (of GBH) chats up the crowd at Intelligentsia’s amazing new Wicker Park coffee bar, while Solemn Oath’s Paul Schneider and Intelli’s Collin Moody prepare to drop knowledge on the intersection between coffee and beer.

Zoned airline seating based on your “Parent Sympathy Level”—essentially your self-rated level of empathy for children.

Level 1—likely a parent yourself—places you closest to babies on your flight. Level 1 sympathizes with a crying child, or can coach a lousy parent into taking care of the situation. Level 3 places you furthest away—useful in case of flying with severe hangover or if you’re just generally a miserable prick.

"Insoles for your chair"

From a 2011 sketchbook.

"Music in the Womb" — from my Knoll sketchnotes

"Late night at the office" — from my Knoll sketchnotes